Welcome to Bayside Acupuncture, Natural Medicine and Dermal Clinic

Bayside Acupuncture and Natural Medicine aims to assist you to live a healthier life, look younger and feel better, for you and the whole family.

We strive to give you professional, trusted and reliable Natural Health Care.

Since we provide so many natural therapies in the one place, we have been able to identify the right therapy or combination of therapies that are best suited to meet your individual needs, after taking the time to listen to what you would like to achieve with your health.

Bayside Acupuncture and Natural Medicine takes the time to listen to what you would like to achieve

We aim to give you fast and effective relief from muscular pain, migraine, digestive issues, to assistance through pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, weight loss, sinus, respiratory, cardio vascular or whatever optimal health outcomes you may be seeking to achieve with our natural therapies.

We share over 20 years of our experience, always aiming to continue to create successful outcomes, integrating Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Needle Free Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicines and Nutritional Supplements to our local community.

We have also expanded our range of Cosmetic and Beauty Treatments that include Botox, Dermal Fillers, Face Threading(mini face lift), IPL, Red Light Therapy, Facials etc.

If you would like to drop in or make a time to book your natural wellness session with one of our dedicated Natural Health Practitioners, you can feel relaxed in a safe, clean environment, where we will take the time to listen, assess and inform you of a potential plan to assist you and your family gain optimal health, which is exactly what all our therapies under the one roof aims to provide you with, at Bayside Acupuncture and Natural Medicine.

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It is our goal to provide the best that natural health has to offer. Our clinic has a philosophical understanding of health and our approach to treatment is straightforward – through knowledge, understanding and experience, we are able to provide effective treatment for a variety of conditions. We understand that achieving good health is an individual journey and we are committed to working with you to help you achieve optimal health.