Kendra Campbell NATUROPATH

Kendra Campbell NATUROPATH

Kendra Campbell

Passionate about natural health and wellness, Kendra is a qualified naturopath dedicated to educating and improving the health of others within a warm and welcoming environment. Focusing on naturopathic principles and mind-body connections, Kendra aims to address the root cause of your issue by examining many aspects of health including;

· Signs and symptom picture

· Nutritional status

· Existing health conditions

· Genetic and environmental factors

· Body systems and functions

· Iridology

Adopting a holistic approach to health, Kendra provides a tailored treatment plan specific to your health ailments. Your personal plan may include herbal extracts/formulas, nutritional supplements alongside dietary and lifestyle advice.

Kendra’s primary areas of interest in include gastrointestinal, immune, female reproductive disorders, skin concerns and weight loss/management.

Available: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Departments: Naturopathy and Nutrition

Procedures: Herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle programs

Degree: Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

departments: Naturopathy, Nutritionist
procedures: Nutritional Supplements, Naturopathy, Naturopath